Official Shugacoin Whitepaper, last updated March 2024

Shugacoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency and payment network supported by an open-source blockchain protocol, launched on February 15, 2024. Through Shugacoin, users can make payments to anyone in the world at the highest speeds in 5 seconds, and the lowest costs compared to other digital assets. For example, the transaction speed of Shugacoin is 120 times faster than Bitcoin, 30 times faster than Litecoin and 12 times faster than Dogecoin.

The Shugacoin Project emerged as an alternative solution to Bitcoin in light of early concerns over Bitcoin’s wait times in confirming block transactions and rounding errors in block reward halving. By introducing minor technical modifications to the original Bitcoin source code, Shugacoin allowed for much faster transaction speeds, even lower processing fees and has the most accurate block reward halving and total supply than any other digital asset, including Bitcoin. Shugacoin also launched following the one-CPU-one-vote idea proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto himself, thus making YespowerShuga GPU and ASIC resistant. It has also launched as being the first blockchain to have Native SegWit (Bech32) enabled by default.

As one of the successful derivatives of Bitcoin, Shugacoin is establishing its position as the fastest PoW blockchain, complementing and reinforcing Bitcoin in purpose, function, and utility, and challenging our traditional notions of money. The Shugacoin Project has never been funded through an ICO or premine, making it a fair launch. Shugacoin is an entirely community and voluntarily driven project, with no external company or funding supporting it apart from community funding.


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